Welcome to Mining Risk Management

At Mining Risk Management we take a unique approach to risk assessments and risk management plans.  From a new equipment purchase to a full mining project study, we focus on identifying the highest risks to your operation and then developing practical ways to manage and reduce them.

While our methods focus on delivering workable outcomes and creating an involving workshop experience, our outputs and reports are tailored to your project management, team management and upward reporting requirements.

We leave your project team with a better understanding of their project risks, an action plan to address them, and an ongoing monitoring tool to ensure that your most critical controls keep working as they should throughout the life of the project.

In our extended workshops we dive deeper into these “critical controls” and challenge the team as to how adequate and effective these most important controls are in ensuring project success.

Why Choose Us?

  • Mining industry specialists, with years of experience in all phases of projects and operations
  • Deep understanding of mining value drivers, hazards and best-practice control methods
  • Outcome focussed, not addicted to tedious process
  • Tailored workshop sessions, reports and deliverables
  • Intelligent use of pre-work to improve workshop flow and efficiency
  • Applicable to projects large and small – from a greenfields mining project to the purchase of a new machine
  • All risk assessment processes are compliant with ISO31000 (and AS4360)

How We Work

In all our work, we place great value on building and maintaining long term relationships with our clients.  We hope that the effectiveness of the workshops and the quality of our reports will be such that you will recommend us to your peers and colleagues.

We look forward to helping you dig deep into the risks (and opportunities!!) in your project.

Click here to see our standard packages and pricing.

Click here to download our latest capability statement.

Click here to see our blog for all our latest articles on risk, safety and all things mining!

Let us know what you think!

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